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Oksana Oliinyk - product manager of Bitcoin Depot

My company hired HF-Solution for the mobile app redesign. They have done a great job designing the UI/UX of the mobile app and implementing that design together with adding new functionalities.

  • One of the things I appreciate the most is their flexibility: they adapt to customer's timezone and always make even last minutes changes work.
  • Their team completes tasks on time or gives heads up if something is blocking and we need to move the deadline.
  • They have pretty diverse team, they were able to satisfy my team's needs with of technical and design requests (mobile app and web design).
  • It was a good experience in overall, I don't have things I did not like.

Rashaad R. Randall, VP for technology, Digital Marketing & Consulting Firm
The deliverables that were assigned to their team were completed very early compared to what was designed in the project plan.
I am the VP of Technology at a high-touch digital marketing agency. Our organization has internally developed a CRM and reporting platform that powers the operations of our business and allows us to scale.

The original build of our software was completed as a monolithic software that, after 2 years, experienced significant latency and load issues. The decision was made to rebuild the application using a microservices architecture with a JavaScript foundation.

After interviewing 10 different firms, we determined that HF Solution was the best fit for our project and culture. They provided a competitive rate and had worked on similar projects involving decentralized services. Their engineers were also very proficient with the frameworks of our choice, Node.js and Vue.js.

They designed a developed 5 back-end microservices for the core architecture of the system. Due to their high competency and rapid delivery, my internal team struggled to keep up with them, causing us to enlist more help on the deliverables that we were responsible for (which were also completed quickly and at high quality).

Over the several months throughout the project, the team communicated their progress and/or challenges on a daily basis. Following the delivery of the application, we also retained the support of one of their lead engineers who assisted with repairs and new feature development for several months.

There were 5 people on the team, including 2 project managers (who attended daily meetings), and 3 software engineers.


The deliverables that were assigned to their team were completed very early compared to what was designed in the project plan. Once it became clear that my internal team was unable to move at the same pace, it was a no-brainer to extend the conditions of the contract.

The project managers were great communicators and made sure that all deliverables were completed on time and on budget. There was only one issue that arrived whereas one of the deliverables was not working as expected. The project managers were very receptive to the feedback and did everything possible to ensure the solution was fair to both sides. The entire team was very collaborative, including the project managers. There were many times that we pitched ideas around to find alternative ways of completing a deliverable.

There were even a few occasions that they pulled in an additional resource to assist with some interface challenges that we were working on. The overall experience was very good and the communication was solid.

Nathan Akimov, Head of R&D, STOPS.COM

The iOS team-lead was the best one we've ever collaborated with!
I am the Head of R&D and co-founder of startup, headquartered in Israel.

We developed native mobile applications for Android and iOS.


After we've finalized the MVP, we searched through LinkedIn a partnership which could help us to develop mobile apps for a reasonable price with high quality.

We collaborated in T&M model developing iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) apps: AR, maps, search, navigation, messenger features.

We managed the project delivery ourselves, by working directly with 2 iOS and 2 Android developers.


All development work has been done in reasonable time manner with tough budget and timelines. They were very flexible while communicating and used their tools either customer tasking solutions.

Joe Faghani, Board Advisor, Cadence, Electronic Design Company
They had an impressive QA team.
Board Advisor from a technology point of view.

We had to secure a patent and needed to implement and improve on the software patent which allows users to edit files while they are being sent to different nodes on the internet.


Project involved designing algorithms both on server-side as well as client-side using the latest react libraries as well as Lamda functions on AWS using node.js . We also had UX designers and DB experts using postgress.


Always delivered on time with less than usual bugs based on my other projects with other teams. They had an impressive QA team. Very timely using an agile approach. I communicated with them mainly using WhatsApp and left the PM to their team and ran weekly checks. Skilled individuals, great English as well as easy to work with.

The total cost of the project is always lower than competitors, however, the perception of cost is high. But when you look at the project end to end the cost is actually lower.

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