Here we'd like to guide you on how we develop a typical MVP for a project from scratch
How to start from an idea to a reasonable implementation of your product. Approximate reading time: 5 minutes.

Stage 1: Discovery Stage 
At the very beginning, it is very important to see and understand the final destination of your project. We have an intent to understand the main business goal of a project. What’s the value you want to bring to your users and the whole industry? Who are all these people that are going to use your product and how are they going to use it? Most likely, you have competitors (indirect or direct) in the market you would like to enter, so we will help you out with the research and identifying unique features of your product and consulting you on how to strengthen your position.

Stage 2: Workflow creation

Everyone loves beautiful and user-friendly products, so the next step would be the creation of the workflow, visualization part, and use cases. What is great about this stage is that you will have on hand a prototype of your application - you can test your idea on real users and present it to investors with affordable efforts and investments. Now you have an understanding of how your project is going to look and perform. 


Stage 3: Documentation creation and technical talks

All the ideas and requirements should be documented not to get lost in this endless information flow - this is the time for a business analyst to shine. 

Also, this is the right time to think about the technical approach you would like to use, the number of users you would like to interact with the MVP1. We would share our thoughts on the best infrastructure to use based on the expected workload, as well you would get suggestions on further scaling of your product. 

Stage 4: Planning

To start the development, you'll need to have a reliable plan. We will work it out for you after the estimate is approved. Usually, we divide the development into sprints. After hitting a significant milestone, our team will demonstrate to you the results of their work. You're always free to arrange daily meetings to be involved in the development as much as possible. We will suggest the optimal size of the team to organize all the processes and meet your deadlines. 

Stage 5: Development

As soon as the UI and the workflow are ready, all of the sprints are scheduled and we agreed on the deliverables, we can start laying the foundation for your application. We start to develop your product at the full steam and develop both of the sides’ front-end and back-end at the same time. Invite you on demos and hold important meetings to keep all the process transparent for you. 

Group 67.png

Ready product 

As a result, at the final destination of such an exciting journey, you receive a well planned and expected solution to conquer your users.

You can send us a request below and we would be happy to consult you about your idea and the best way to implement it.